On this planet,there are

  many animals categorized

  as livestock (cows,pigs,


  natural potential,instincts

  and lifespan have been

  restricted for the benefit

  of humanity.

  Those who advocate for

  Animal Welfare (AW) work

  to reduce the suffering

  which these animals

  experience,while under

  standing their necessity

  as livestock.

  In 1960's Great Britain,

  the ethics of certain

  farming practices such as

  high-density livestock

  operations were brought

  to questions.

  Advocates of this movement

  established an internationally

  acknowledged list of

  conditions that should be

  provided to the animal to be

  considered providing

  ''good animal welfare'',

  the five freedoms.





  In Europe,Which had since been a leader in supporting

  Animal Welfare,the EU regularty updates their legislation

  regarding Animal Welfare based on these five freedoms.


  In other locations such as the United States,Canada,and

  Australia,there are unions and independent organizations

  that set their ownguidelines to contribute to Animal Welfare.


  In japan,the Ministry of Agriculture recognizes the

  ''farming guidelines adhering to Animal Welfare ideals''

  set by the [JLA].







1.Freedom from thirst and hunger

   (by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigor)


2.Freedom from discomfort

   (by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and

     a comfortable resting area)


3.Freedom from pain,injury,and disease

   (by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment)


4.Freedom to express most normal behavior

   (by providing sufficient space,proper facilities,and company of the

     animal's own kind)


5.Freedom from fear and distress

   (by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering)







We value our interactions with our chickens and chicks.

Aimost as if we are having a conversation.


''Are you hungry ?  Are you thirsty ?''

''Are you feeling alright ?  Is it too hot or cold ?


By interacting with them 365 days a year,we start to

nderstand things about these animals.





For many generations at INOUE EGG FARM,we have practiced

free-range farming,meaning the chickens roam freely within their sheds. 


Animal Welfare and those of us at INOUE EGG FARM share many

beliefs when it comes to raising chickens.


Chickens have natural instincts that they must follow,many of

which are essential to healthy development.


At INOUE EGG FARM,we respect the chickens'need to fuifill these

instincts,and do our best to give them the freedom to do so.


We raise our chickens with the philosophy that the best way to

raise them is to understand things from their perspective.




We at INOUE EGG FARM agree wholeheartedly with the

spirit of Animal Welfare.