Japanese egg culture


began in ancient times


known as the Edo Periot.


There was a time that eggs were not affordable for common people

however, they have never disappeared from Japanese food culture.



And at present, ‘‘tamago kake gohan  

(a rice bowl topped with a row egg and soy sauce.)’’  

is said to be a Japanese national dish and  

many people who describe  

it’s traditional flavor as homemade.



- Egg -


It’s one cooking ingredient which has supported the food culture,

not only in Japan but also in all countries.


Delicious egg dishes every one has eaten.


They’re eaten differently yet, eggs have been loved by

many people since ancient times.


We farm producers are very proud of our eggs.









INOUE EGG FARM has been in business

since 1928.


After experience in artificial insemination

and hatching, we currently operate an

egg farming business.


Our distinguishing characteristic and

harm is that free range male and female

chickens are managed under original

principles with knowledge of the

ecology in mind.


 These day , since the machine age has come to the chicken

industry,automatization has increased.


As efficiency-oriented mass production has become mainstream,

the environment surrounding hens has become remote from nature

and their instinctive behavior has become more restricted.


At INOUE EGG FARM we place our first priority on the chickens’

lives and continue to do egg farming manually,

instead of producing large volumes by mechanization.



Chickens are not raised in cages, due to the lack of exercise and

stress they would endure.


We take great care of free-range male and female chickens in poultry house.


We do not restrict the chickens’ instinctive behavior.


Eggs are one of blessing bestowed by nature.

We care about raising chickens and eggs the natural way.

This is our belief.



See and touch our chickens for yourself.

It’s very important to be able to find slight changes in chickens.

We do not turn everything over to machines but rather than
we raise chickens manually.


That is tradition at INOUE EGG FARM.





■Raising Environment


Our environment allows each chicken to live freely.

(Free range poultry)


Unlike being raised in a cage, chickens at INOUE EGG FARM

act in spontaneity, catch the sun and breeze blowing,

feel the changing seasons,and grow to be sound

in both body and mind.



The chickens raising environment is truly important.


Because of the risk to the chickens, we do not use

pesticides in the poultry houses or on the grounds.


Day after day, we study the way to develop a natural

environment without the aid of pesticides.




Education is the most difficult and important point in order to raise

all chickens healthy and equally.


If there is a difference in growth and physique of the chicken,

it will be reflected in the eggs.


As chickens also have likes and dislikes, continuous unbalanced

diets lead to inconsistent quality of eggs.


At INOUE EGG FARM, we thoroughly

manage the chickens’ diets from the

time they are chicks.


Veteran staff members manage

the feed and water with

one-of-a-kind quantity, time, and

frequency, so that the chickens

will acquire a proper dietary habit

without likes and dislikes.



A male chicken and a female

chicken get on well,

fall in love with each other,

nature the relationship, and

then an egg comes into the world,

called a ‘sperm egg’.



We strongly believe that

this is the way it should always be.


The true beauty of nature.


We will keep preserving and

teaching the true beauty of nature.







INOUE EGG FARM’s original feed is blended with primary feed and

a few highly-selected ingredients according to our original formula.



Grain represents about 60%

of the total in the primary feed.


Above all,


corns are used as the main ingredient.


Needless to say, it’s postharvest free.

(No antioxidants or preservatives are used.)


Besides, unlike traditional feed made mainly

with corns, we have reduced the proportion of

imported feeds and contributed to effective

utilization of rice paddy fields and local

revitalization by blending corn with domestic rice

made for animal consumption which is

harvested in Chiba prefecture.



Because eggs naturally contain nutritional compounds,

they could be called the perfect food.


We have spent time developing original feeds

which promote chickens’ health,

without disrupting eggs’ natural nutritional balance.


This is one of our disciplines to achieve

higher-grade taste, aroma, and quality.



■Lactic and Amino Acid



‘‘Lactic and amino acid” is produced as follows,lactic acid and

yeast have been added to molasses and amino acid, and

then have been fermented, concentrated and dried.


Amino acids, digestive enzymes, vitamins, and

plant-derived minerals are grown proliferatively by fermentation.


The most notable characteristic is that it is full of healthy bacterium

(vitamins bacterium which are useful to the intestines)

through fermentation.


Chickens become healthy from the inside as is

the case with humans.


Creating an intestinal environment with dominant good bacterium

made from bad bacterium (by increasing useful intestinal bacterium)

improves immunity and helps one maintain good health.



■Sesame Seeds           



We have blended black sesame seeds with white sesame seeds,

which contain plenty of minerals including calcium, iron,

phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc, to strengthen bones and

help prevent anemia.


Sesame seed proteins contain a proper balance of essential

amino acids (amino acids which animals cannot produce in the body)

and function to maintain a flexible cardiovascular system.


Vitamin B1 and B2 have soothing and stress-reducing effects.

Physical care and mental care, which are heavily involved

in the flavor and aroma of egg yolks, are very important

for chickens as well.



In addition, we have carefully selected good feeds such as

crab shells, oyster shells, mugwort leaves, licorice, etc.

which are gentle and healthy for both chickens and eggs,

and we have blended several dozen types according

to our original formula.


The INOUE EGG FARM’s original feed considers the physical and

mental care for chickens as well as the nutritional balance and

flavor of the eggs.


Chickens and eggs are inseparable.


Chickens that have been raised

kindly provide us with gentle eggs.


That is our branded sperm egg,

the “Natural & Rich Sagamikko”.







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